Fluid Handling and Process Equipment including
  • Sanitary Centrifugal & PD Pumps
  • Dispersion Equipment - Colloid Mill
  • Votator II
  • CR Mixer


Throttling/Regulating Single Seat Valves - W68/W88/W98 Series


A modular family of "throttling or pressure control" valves that are the ultimate in: easy cleaning, high pressure, low maintenance design. With 11 standard bodies, 12 different actuators, 4 stem types, flush or standard adaptor, and a wide range of control tops, the valves can be configured to precisely fit any application.
  • Bodies machined from solid bar 316L with laser welded ports
  • Stems available with low and high flow Cv values
  • Seat ring inserts for very low Cv in 1" and 1½" (25mm and 38mm) bodies
  • Standard "S" clamps used to connect adaptors and bodies
  • Adaptor and Lower Bearing Carrier with inlet and discharge flush connections
  • High pressure capability
  • Seal options – Tri-Ring (FKM or EPDM for complete shut-off) or Metal Plug
  • Open yoke 3A design
  • Reverse (R) or standard plug design
  • Pneumatic and electropneumatic positioners available
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