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  • CR Mixer


HTST Flow Diversion Single Seat Valves - W262/W282/W265/W285 Series


For use in HTST (High Temperature Pressure Short Time) systems for diverting product to forward flow after reaching legal pasteurization temperatures.

This non-slamming design prevents water hammer or hydraulic shock conditions caused by traditional flow diversion valves, extending the life of the valve and surrounding process equipment.

The W265 HTST valve assembly comes complete with 1 or 2 Microswitches in each valve control module to meet PMO requirements for position indication. Solenoids optional.

  • Product Wetted: ASTM 316L (UNS-S31603); (DIN-1.4404)
  • Non-Product: ASTM 304 (UNS-S30400); (DIN-1.4301)
  • Seat Material: Tef-FLOW™ (Standard)
  • Elastomers: EPDM or FKM (Fluoroelastomer)
  • Finish: < 32Ra (<0.8 mm)
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