In-situ Special Analyzer (Multi-parameter) for Water & Wastewater Analysis
  • Water Quality Index (WQI) Analyzer

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ISA Spectrometer


The ISA (In Situ Spectral Analyser) is a spectrometer which works in the wavelength range between 200 and 708 nm (UV-VIS). The result of a single measurement is an absorption spectra over the whole wavelength range.
A spectrometer is a very multi-purpose measuring instrument because it can be implemented in very diverse applications through a relevant calibration. Multi-parameter measurements are also possible.  This is a great advantage in comparison to electro-chemical sensors. Moreover, ISA offers an adjustable measuring-path-length whereby the number of potential applications is increased even more.
A great advantage of ISA is the special coating of the glass plates in the measuring-path. Combined with the possibility to automatically clean the measuring section with compressed air, ISA achieves very long in-ser vice times and maintenance intervals.
Only the optics and the compressed air cleaning are integrated into the V4A-steel sensor head. The entire control- and analysis-electronics are mounted in the accompanying sensor module or the BlueBox TS. ISA is thereby usable in a high temperature range (up to 110°C). This earmarks ISA for use in medicine or the food industry because the sensor head can be sterilised at high temperatures.

The properties of ISA in summary:

  • optical sensor linked by fibre optic to the analysis unit
  • recording across the complete absorption spectrum 200 nm – 708 nm
  • suitable for a temperature range from 0°C to +110°C
  • sensor adaptable to different media with an easy to adjust measuring-path-length (0.5 – 20 mm)
  • saving of raw data and calibrated data
  • calibration adjustment by telemetry
  • software for calibration and service
  • cleaning of measuring-path with compressed air
  • easy installation
  • high cost-efficiency


Device scope:

  • purely optical sensor head with sensor head cable (integrates two fiber optic cables and a compressed air line),
    available lengths of the sensor head cable : 2,5 m; 5 m; 10 m
  • freely adjustable measuring path from 0.5 to 20mm
  • capture of absortion spectra in the range 200 nm – 708 nm
  • telemetrical input of calibration algorithms for parameter calculation
  • comprehensive software to carry out calibrations
  • multi-parameter calculation
  • automatic cleaning via compressed air
  • process control
  • waste water monitoring
  • water quality monitoring



  • NO3
  • SAC
  • COD
  • TOC
  • TSS
  • Phenol
  • Glycol
  • Further parameters by calibration
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