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Water Distribution and Event Detection

Source Water Monitoring Panel


Source water can be vulnerable to an accidental or intentional contamination event. Continuously monitoring a water source before it enters your drinking water treatment plant can be useful for a variety of reasons:
- Anticipate changes to the treatment process that are needed to react to storms, algal blooms, industrial discharge, chemical spills, reservoir stratification/destratification, construction activity, sewage spills and other natural or man-made occurrences
- Monitor water quality and use data to make proactive decisions that could minimize the impact of the situation for infrastructure, the public's health and safety
- Improve process control by making necessary changes to your chemcial quanitities before water enters the plant
- Improve taste and odor problems


The Hach Source Water Panel can analyze up to eight parameters using one controller (sc1000). For even greater control and event detection, it can be set up in conjunction with the Hach Event Monitor.


Customized panel uses one controller - choose from a number of different parameters

The sc1000 digital controller is used for all sensors. Currently available parameters include: organics, ammonium, pH, conductivity, ORP, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and oil-in-water.

Single sample inlet, single sample drain, and single power supply


Advanced communications and networking capabilities with PLC or SCADA system

The communication options for the Source Water Panel also include MODBUS RS-485 Communication.

Interfaces with other instruments for enhanced surveillance capabilities

The Source Water Panel works in conjunction with the Hach Event Monitor, astroTOC UV On-Line Analyzer, Hach Sigma Samplers and other instrumentation to provide an ev

Easy to install and easy to clean

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