Online Water in Oil Monitor


EESIFLO EASZ-1 Water in Oil Monitor


The EASZ-1 Water in Oil monitor is a highly accurate online monitor that is installed in a pipe and measures the amount of water in any oil or hydrocarbon under pressure. Water contamination in oil is often measured for various purposes to prevent loss of revenue,additive depletion, oil oxidation, corrosion, reduced lubricating film thickness, accelerated component wear rates, microbiological growth,increase/ reduction of dielectric constant and loss of power.Many of these problems can be averted in time by careful monitoring.



  • Response time 1 second
  • Measurement of total water in any form whether dissolved , free or emulsified
  • Loop powered 2 wire
  • Temperature compensation
  • Monitors Fluid condition of operating equipment or oil product contamination level
  • Flexible ranges




  • Water in Hydraulic Oil
  • Water in Lubrication Oil
  • Water in Vegetable Oil
  • Water in Crude Oil
  • Water in Diesel
  • Water in Hydrocarbons
  • Water in Transmission Fluid
  • Dielectric Constant Monitoring (Chemical Plants)



  • Marine Engines
  • Marine Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Marine Fuel Emulsion Monitoring
  • Power Plants (Turbine Lubrication Oil)
  • Refineries (Oil Analysis Systems)
  • Petrochemical (Product Quality Check)
  • Gas Condensate Monitoring
  • Pulp and Paper (Vacuum Dehydration Units)
  • Steel Mills (Morgoil and Cooling)
  • Mining (Rated M1 for mines)
  • Oil Purification Check
  • Aviation (Tank outlets)
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