On-line Wet Chemistry Analyzer


EnviroLyzer® Series II


AppliTek EnviroLyzer

The new Applitek Analyzer platform has been built taking into highest design standards also used in our UPA and IPA process analyzer, resulting into an analyzer of extremely high quality and stability.

The EnviroLyzer® Series II with standard featues such as auto-calibration, auto-validation, auto-cleaning, TCP/IP connectivity and long life precision pumps.  EnviroLyzer® Series II is available either as a colorimetric analyzer or in an ion- selective configuration.

Parameters that can be measured:
Aluminium, Ammonia, Biocides, Chlorine, Chlorine (Free), Chlorine Dioxide, Chromium III, Chronium VI, Chomium (Total), Color, Copper, Cyanide, Hardness, Hydrazine, Iron II, Iron III, Manganese, Nickel, Nitrate, Nitrite, Permanganate, Phenol, Phosphate, Silica, Silicium Dioxide, Sulphate, Sulphide, Thiocyanate, Urea & Zinc.

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