Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
Multi-parameter Water Quality Sondes
  • Sampling, Logging& Profiling

Integrated Systems & Services (ISS)
Environmental Monitoring Modules
  • Buoy& Floating Platforms, Profiling Systems, EcoMapper AUV

Buoys & Floating Platforms

Coastal Buoy


Large buoy designed for long-term monitoring in harsh environments

This ocean-capable buoy supports a full array of water quality sensors, data acquisition systems, and meteorological sensors. Its hull and structure are rugged enough to withstand significant wind and wave activity in ocean applications in less than 75 meters of water depth.



  • 4300 lbs of buoyancy
  • Perfect for monitoring in bays, estuaries, coastal and ocean areas
  • Non-sinkable foam hull
  • Corrosion-resistant metal
Diameter 2 meters
Materials Softlite Ionomer foam hull, aluminum, and galvanized steel
Net buoyancy 2800 lbs
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