Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
Multi-parameter Water Quality Sondes
  • Sampling, Logging& Profiling

Integrated Systems & Services (ISS)
Environmental Monitoring Modules
  • Buoy& Floating Platforms, Profiling Systems, EcoMapper AUV

Buoys & Floating Platforms

Designed for long-term water quality monitoring in surface waterThe bay buoy is a medium-sized platform suitable for near-shore and inland water applications.  It is designed around logging, sensors, and remote telemetry.  The bay buoy platform will deliver data for years, making it suitable for research and long-term monitoring applications.


With more free-board and greater load capacity, this buoy supports a wide array of water quality instrumentation and other systems.

Heavy-duty, lightweight foam hull withstands collisions and harsh conditions in lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, and near coastal applications.

The YSI Bay Buoy is easy to handle and can be deployed from most small vessels.


  • Suitable for lakes, rivers and coastal areas
  • Non-sinkable foam hull
  • Anti-fouling paint protects submerged surfaces
  • Compact design is easily deployed
  • Accepts third-party monitoring sensors
Diameter 48 in
Materials Softlite Ionomer foam hull, stainless steel framework
Base System Weight 500 lbs
Reserve Buoyancy 400 lbs
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