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GuardianBlue Water Panel

Product #: 6960400


The GuardianBlue Water Panel is Hach´s most robust and comprehensive water quality system and an integral part of the GuardianBlue Early Warning System. It continuously monitors multiple drinking water parameters - chlorine, conductivity, pH, turbidity, temperature and pressure - and sends the data to the Hach Event Monitor.

First Early Warning System to Receive SAFETY Act Designation and Certification

GuardianBlue is the first and only Early Warning System for drinking water to earn SAFETY Act designation and certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. The SAFETY Act provides litigation protection for users and their contractors.

Event Monitor

The Event Monitor integrates sensor data from the Water Panel and the TOC Analyzer. Every 60 seconds, the system applies a patented algorithm to the sensor measurements, calculating a site’s water quality baseline.

Agent Library

Located within the Event Monitor, the Agent Library is the most technologically advanced analytics software available for water quality monitoring. The Agent Library contains fingerprints for a wide variety of threat contaminants and is only available in the United States.

Water Panel

The Water Panel continuously monitors free or total chlorine, conductivity, pH, turbidity, temperature and pressure, which it sends to the Event Monitor via digital transmission.

TOC Analyzer

The TOC Analyzer continuously monitors total organic carbon. The TOC Analyzer uses EPA method 415.1 to obtain its measurements ensuring accurate results. The TOC Analyzer is a key component of GuardianBlue, providing increased sensitivity to organic contaminants.

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