Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
Multi-parameter Water Quality Sondes
  • Sampling, Logging& Profiling

Integrated Systems & Services (ISS)
Environmental Monitoring Modules
  • Buoy& Floating Platforms, Profiling Systems, EcoMapper AUV

Vertical Profiling

Fixed Vertical Profiler


Automated water quality profiler from dam, pier or piling

Featuring a NEMA 4 enclosure and a rugged non-corrosive mechanical winch and drive mechanism, the 6950 provides fully-automated data collection from a fixed location.


Mountable on a dam, pier, piling, or other stationary location, the 6950 offers user-programmable sample intervals with wireless transmission options.

The YSI 6950 is compatible will all YSI EXO or 6-Series sondes equipped with depth, and comes with Profile Wizard software for easy set-up and deployment.


  • NEMA 4 enclosure for electronics
  • Compatible with all EXO or 6-series sondes equipped with depth
  • User-selectable sample intervals
  • Profile Wizard software for simple program configuration
  • Wireless data transmission available
Minimum Profile Depth 1 meter
Profile Depth 0-50 m standard; 0-100 m optional
Depth Profile Setpoint Accuracy ±0.1 m
Maximum Profile Frequency ~50% of duty cycle
Standard Payload YSI EXO or 6-Series Sonde with depth
Cable Options 50 m or 100 m
Profile Direction Bottom-Up
Reference Point Physically set and controlled bottom-referenced control point
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