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Online Turbidity & Suspended Solids

TSS sc, Suspended Solids In-situ Sensor

Product #: LXV323.99.10002


TSS sc probes can measure both online suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. They cover the total measurement range from the finest turbidity to solids over a wide range. TSS sc probes have been specially developed for industrial applications in production processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector and for the requirements of industrial wastewater plants. Connects directly to all Hach sc controllers for immediate use. Probes are available as tank probes and for inline installation.

Unique Multi-Beam Pulsed Infrared Light System

TSS sc probes have a double optical system with two pulsating infrared LEDs and four receivers. This multiple-beam alternating light method, combined with beam focusing, facilitates accurate, independent color measurement of turbidity from 0.001 to 4.000 FNU and suspended solids from 0.001 to 500 g/l.

Automatic Compensation for Air Bubbles and Temperature Swings for Accuracy

Special software gives the system the ability to recognize gas bubbles or temperature swings for a more accurate suspended solids or turbidity measurement.

Standard-Compliant and Precise with Easy Calibration

The turbidity measurement complies with the standard DIN EN 27027 (ISO 7027). Calibration is not necessary. If the probe is used to measure the solids content, a one-point calibration suffices. For special applications, curves can be defined using several calibration points.

Withstands Difficult Conditions and Harsh Environments

Probes are made of highly polished stainless steel with a scratch resistant sapphire window. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and keep particles from sticking to the surface.


Turbidity (TRB): 0.001 to 4000 FNU

Solids (TS): 0.001 to 500 g/L

(With SiO2 Standard Solution)


Turbidity up to 1000 NTU:

 < 5% of the measured value ±0.01 NTU

Response Time:

1 s < T90 < 300 s (adjustable)

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