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Online Sludge Blanket Level (SBL)

Sonatax sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe with sc200 Controller, Profibus

Product #: 2976100


Optimize sludge extraction, manage recirculation, and be warned of potential solids washouts or process upset by continuously measuring the sludge blanket level with SONATAX. Its digitized probe eliminates interferences and features a quick LED system check.

Note: For graphical display of sludge profile, the SONATAX sc probe must be connected to a sc1000 controller.


Reduced maintenance with innovative wiper design

The wiper functions with a magnetic connection and without a shaft so there are no o-rings to replace and no need to open the probe housing. Tools are not needed to replace the wiper blades.

Superior Accuracy with Automatic Frequency Adjustment

The SONATAX sc probe automatically scans a range of frequencies to find the ideal settings for the solids concentration for the application. Built-in software disregards signals reflected from tank structures such as pipes, rods, etc.

Unique features

The fully digitized SONATAX sc probe means there are no electromagnetic interferences. Instantly resume measurements after skimmer passes with the built-in position sensor that also compensates for angle when the probe is not mounted exactly vertically.

Temperature Compensation for Seasonal Changes

Automatic temperature compensation assures ultrasonic measurement is unaffected by seasonal changes in water temperature - seasonal calibration becomes unnecessary.

Visual performance indicator enhances troubleshooting

A visual performance LED indicator light on the SONATAX sc probe provides quick glance assurance of proper performance. Green light indicates okay, red indicates warning. Troubleshooting, particularly in applications with multiple sludge blanket level probes connected to one controller, is quick and easy.


0.2 to 12 m sludge level


0.1 m

Pressure Limit:

≤ 0.3 bar

Response Time (adjustable):

10 to 600 s

Flow Rate:

Max. 3 m/s (the presence of air bubbles affects the measurement)

Measuring Principle:

Ultrasonic measurement

Calibration Method:

One-off on commissioning, automatic

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