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HACH astroTOC UV TURBO Analyzer

Product #: H-4195-1002


Fastest True TOC Analyzer with AccuratePerformance

The astroTOC UV TURBO analyzer removes the TIC from the sample so it only measures true TOC as described by ASTM, EPA, ISO, and Standard Methods. High levels of TOC do not require increased analysis time because samples are monitored continuously.

Proven NDIR Technology

ASTM, EN, EPA, ISO and Standard Methods recommend TOC analysis methods using NDIR detection. Using NIST traceable gas standards, the NDIR detector provides a stable TOC measurement. The zero or baseline is adjusted every time the instrument is calibrated, which increases measurement stability and avoids drift. Each NDIR detector must endure a stringent two-week stability test before it leaves the factory, ensuring a robust, stable detector.

Multi-point Calibration Compensates for Background TOC

On-site calibrations can be made at any time to avoid downtime. An advanced calibration utility offers a multi-point (up to ten) calibration. The TOC-added calibration compensates for the TOC background usually found in make-up water. This type of calibration is necessary when measuring low levels when the unknown carbon species in the DI water is significant. The analyzer calculates the calibration curve slope and adjusts the slope so the line is forced through zero, allowing accurate low-level measurements.


**Contains mercury. Dispose of according to regulations.


0-2000 µg/l (0-2.000 mg/L)

0-5000 µg/l (0-5.000 mg/L)

0-10,000 µg/l (0-10.000 mg/L)

0-25,000 µg/l (0-25.000 mg/L)

0-50,000 µg/l (0-50.000 mg/L)

Accuracy/Repeatability/ Linearity:

≤ ± 4% of reading or 8 µg/L (whichever is greater) at 250C (770F)

Minimum Detection Limit:

≤ 5 µg/L for range 0-5000 µg/L at 250C (770F) ***

***MDL established per EPA Appendix B to part 136

Response Time:

T90 ≤ 5 minutes (Includes TIC sparging)

T20 ≤ 3 minutes (Includes TIC sparging)

Inlet Pressure:

0.15-6 bar (2-87 psig)

Flow Rate:

25-200 mL per minute

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