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900 MAX Refrigerated Sampler


The Corrosion Seal of Approval

Endures humid and corrosive environments


Forced air blower and front ventilation provide the flexibility to position the sampler either against a wall or inside a sampler enclosure


Custom-designed air-sensing thermostat controls refrigeration temperature


A high efficiency compressor/condenser assembly, wrap-around evaporator, and rigid foam insulation ensures an optimum 39ºF (4ºC) sample temperature


The Sigma 900MAX Monitors & Manages

For a full-fledged water management tool, nothing compares to the Sigma 900MAX Controller. This highly advanced sampler features a large 8-line x 40-character backlit display that allows you to quickly select information from an easy menu-type programming format. And with 12 datalogging channels, the Sigma 900MAX can be much more than a sampler. Its multitasking ability allows monitoring of rainfall, level, flow, velocity, temperature, and pH or ORP.

You can also log up to three external analog signals. The Sigma 900MAX records as many as 116,000 readings on one or any combination of the 12 channels. RAM memory is automatically allocated as necessary during operation - either as wrap-around (drops off the oldest data) or slate (stops storing new data). Flash memory allows you to install software enhancements (available on the Internet) easily, without returning the sampler to the factory, so you will always have the latest monitoring technology.

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