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CODmax Plus sc COD Analyzer


CODmax Plus sc is the 2nd generation chrome-based COD online monitor developed & introduced by HACH. More optimized than the last generation, the product features better expandability, higher accuracy & less maintenance. The product makes it easier to compare the online results to that derived from lab titration, and thus becomes an ideal choice of precise COD test.


Connected to HACH sc200 Controller or sc1000 Controller

Connected to HACH sc200 Controller or sc1000 Controller, it offers outstanding parameter expandability based on the multi-parameter interface capability of the controller. sc200 & sc1000 provide diverse communication protocols to help customer transmit results & implement remote control. Meanwhile, sc controllers ensure powerful capabilities of result recording, storage & output, which is also easy to operate.

More Accurate Measurement

As to accuracy, with updated software & hardware, CODmax Plus sc has been substantially improved in regard to error of CODmax indication, repeatability, indication stability & other key indicators. It presents higher testing accuracy than previous CODmax version in a wider range. 

Easier Comparison between Online & Lab Data

The improvements in the accuracy & functions of CODmax Plus sc eventually facilitate customer to compare online data to that derived from lab titration. CODmax Plus sc makes such comparison easier & simpler.

Less System Maintenance 

Given years of experience in the production & maintenance of previous CODmax, CODmax Plus sc has developed new designs & modifications in previous flaws while retaining the original architecture & advantages. The optimized internal structure effectively minimizes the possibility of part damage & greatly extends its cycle of steady operations. It also reduces the necessary volume & costs of maintenance.


Other Features

  • The combination of traditional potassium dichromate oxidation & efficient digestion - the chrome based COD measuring theory 
  • Pistol pump technology & anti-corrosive piping - effectively reduce maintenance work and extend life cycle
  • Precise optical measurement system - more reliable measurement results & lower reagent consumption
  • Automated switch between 3 reagents within 10 ~ 5000 mg/L
  • Automated calibration - ensure accurate measurement
  • Automated cleaning - reduce maintenance work



10 ~ 5000 mg/L COD

Digestion Time:

Automated: 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 or 120 minutes


Continuous Measurement: 1 ~ 24 hour interval, triggered


No calibration, automated calibration or custom calibration is optional.                

(The interval of automated calibration can be chosen from every 2 days to every 7 days)

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