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HACH astroTOC UV TOC Analyzer

Product #: H-4195-1010


Modular Industrial Design

The Hach astroTOC UV Process Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is a rugged, low-maintenance analyzer designed to withstand the most severe conditions. A true process analyzer, it also features a dual-compartment enclosure that separates and protects the electronics from the analytical section. Modular, streamlined construction and large-bore flow paths simplify maintenance and service. For severe applications, an optional self-cleaning blowback filter removes large particles from sample lines. An optional air purifier improves the quality of the compressed air supply by removing CO2.The modular design also permits a wide spectrum of factory-set analysis ranges.

Flexible Analysis System

The astroTOC UV analyzer features a dual-range, nondispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 detection of TOC with a multi-staged UV lamp reactor and on-board sample dilution. While the analyzer is factory-set for a single range, it can be easily adapted to a broad and flexible selection of ranges, from 0 to 20,000 mg/L TOC.

Detection Method

ASTM, EN, EPA, ISO and Standard Methods recommend TOC analysis methods using NDIR detection. This technique provides stable, accurate measurement by detecting CO2 gas. The astroTOC UV analyzer performs CO2 measurement and compares it against a reference measurement. The difference between the two measurements is equal to the concentration of CO2 present. The NDIR detection in the astroTOC UV analyzer measurement cell follows a direct path to a concave mirror and a bundled path back to the receiver. This avoids the inherent drawbacks of the wallbounce path, including loss of sensitivity and inaccurate measurement due to the interference of dust particles or water droplets on the NDIR cell wall.

**Contains mercury. Dispose of according to regulations.


0-5 up to 20,000 mg/L TOC


± 2% of full scale, non-diluted ranges at 250C (770F)

± 4% of full scale, non-diluted ranges at 250C (770F)

Minimum Detection Limit:

≤ 0.015 mg/L for range 0-5 mg/L at 250C (770F)

Response Time:

T90 ≤ 8 minutes (Includes TIC sparging)

Inlet Pressure:

0.15-6 bar (2-87 psig)

Flow Rate:

20-200 mL per minute

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