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Online Turbidity & Suspended Solids

SOLITAX Turbidity & Suspended Solids, ts-line sc, Stainless Steel With Wiper (0.001-4000 NTU, 0.001 mg/L-50 g/L), Sensor Only

Product #: LXV423.99.00100


The SOLITAX sc stainless steel ts-line sc Solids and Turbidity Sensor (0.001 mg/L to 50 g/L, 0.001 to 4000 NTU) with wiper measures turbidity and suspended solids in drinking water, wastewater and industrial process applications.
Connects directly to all Hach sc controllers for immediate use. Fixed point installation kit or handrail mount kit must be ordered separately for immersion in open tanks.

PROGNOSYS is now available to provide confidence in your instrument readings. PROGNOSYS will monitor and display the reliability of instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read color display.

Accurate, Color-independent Measurement

Primary and active sludge with different structures and colors, dark digested sludge and light lime sludge make the highest demands on the precise measurement of solids. Only SOLITAX sc solids probes with the patented dual scattered light method can satisfy these demands.

Self-cleaning Wiper Prevents Erroneous Readings

The SOLITAX sc sensor's self-cleaning wiper prevents erroneous values and maintenance problems by preventing biological growth. Gas bubbles in the sample do not interfere with the measurement.

Easy One-point Calibration

All SOLITAX sc probes are factory calibrated in conformity with DIN EN ISO 7027 for long-term calibration stability. Calibration is not necessary. If the probe is used to measure the solids content, a one-point calibration suffices. Multipoint calibration is available for nonlinear samples.

Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis

Comparisons between laboratory analysis and continuous suspended solids measurement using SOLITAX sc sensors show an exceptional correlation. Online measurement not only saves time on manual analysis but also provides critical real time TSS measurements that can be used to operate the plant more efficiently.

Improve overall efficiency of the plant

Connects directly to all Hach sc controllers for immediate use. Helps improve process control and reduce treatment costs

Measuring Range Turbidity:

0.001 to 4000 NTU

Repeatability Turbidity:

turbidity: < 1 %


Turbidity up to 1000 NTU:

without calibration < 5% of the measured value ±0.01 NTU

with calibration < 1% of the measured value ±0.01 NTU


Measuring Range TSS-Content:

0.001 mg/L to 50 g/L

Repeatability ts content:

< 3 %

Response Time T90:

1 to 300 s adjustable

Response Time:

1 s < T90 < 300 s (adjustable)


Max. 3 m/s (the presence of air bubbles affects the measurement)

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