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NITRATAX clear sc Nitrate Analyzer with sc200 Controller, Includes Sensor with 5 mm Path Length

Product #: 2984300


Using the NITRATAX eliminates reagents, sampling, and sample conditioning. The UV absorption method is proven, continuous, and precise. The probe is self-cleaning. Life-long factory calibration and full-featured Plug & Play with sc Controllers; Nitratax must be connected to an sc controller to form a complete system.

PROGNOSYS is now available to provide confidence in your instrument readings. PROGNOSYS will monitor and display the reliability of instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read color display.

UV Analysis Eliminates Reagents, Sampling, and Sample Conditioning

Using advanced ultraviolet (UV) absorption technology, Hach NITRATAX sc UV Nitrate Sensors offer unprecedented simplicity, accuracy, and economy in nitrate analysis. By continuously measuring the UV light absorbed by nitrates, NITRATAX sc sensors eliminate the need for reagents, sample conditioning, and frequent calibrations.

Optional Bypass Panel

An optional Bypass Panel or flow-through sample cell is available for clean water applications when direct immersion in Optional Bypass Panel a sample stream is impractical. The Bypass Panel uses the same probes as the immersion sensors for greater flexibility.

Choice of Three Models

NITRATAX plus sc Process sensor for continuous measurement in drinking water, wastewater, or activated sludge. Turbidity compensation using reference measurement. NITRATAX eco sc low cost sensor for measurement, especially for sewage treatment plants with intermittent aeration technology. Turbidity compensation using reference measurement. NITRATAX clear sc Process sensor for continuous measurement in clean water such as drinking water or wastewater effluent.

Self-Cleaning Sensor

With the sensor submerged in the sample stream, the detector windows are automatically cleaned by a built-in wiper that eliminate surface films or particles that can diminish accuracy.

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