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SWECO Aftermarket Screen

Perforated Plate Screens


Perforated plates are used in conjunction with sliders and/or balls to dislodge near-size particles or fibers and improve screening efficiency. Additionally, perf plates can be used directly in the screening process as the screen itself. There are several applications where a perf plate is preferred over a woven mesh screen to avoid the vertical bouncing effect that is typical from such screens, and the life of a perf plate is much greater than that of a wire or cloth mesh screen.

Quiet Clean
The Quiet Clean multi-laminate perforated plate is an excellent method of controlling excess noise. Compared to standard metal perforated plate designs, it reduces noise levels by 14 dba (that's 3 times quieter to the human ear). The Quiet Clean is FDA Approved for food and pharmaceutical products and it is available in sizes up through 48 inch.
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