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Finishing Mill Accessories


Finishing Mill Accessories
SWECO carries various components, accessories, and media to complement the Vibro-Energy Finishing Mill line.

There are a lot of different types of media available in today's market. In order to get the most out of your finishing and deburring equipment, you have to choose the right media for your process. That means choosing the right size, shape, composition, and media-to-parts ratio that best fits your needs. SWECO has a large assortment from which to choose, and we only offer top of the line media to our customers.

Sound Covers
To provide a safer and more pleasant working environment, SWECO offers a family of specially designed sound covers for all available size SWECO Vibro-Energy Finishing Mills. The sound covers have been proven to reduce noise levels as much as 12 decibels, reducing the chance of hearing-loss related injuries in the workplace. Additionally, the covers meet OSHA noise abatement engineering controls (CFR 1910.95).

Processing mode of vibratory finishing mill deburring equipment from SWECOParts/Media Separator
The Parts/Media Separator has been designed to simplify the removal and separation of parts from media within the machine.

In normal operation, media moves counterclockwise as parts are processed. Motor weights are set for optimum processing motion. The screen and dam are completely free of the mass and do not hinder parts movement in the toroidal channel.

When the parts are ready to be removed, the mill is stopped and motor direction reversed, reversing the flow of media and parts. As the motor starts in Unloading mode of vibratory finishing mill deburring equipment from SWECOthe reverse direction, the motor weights automatically reset for optimum discharge motion. The pneumatic swing dam is lowered, directing parts and media over the screen where parts are separated and discharged while media is returned to the chamber. When parts discharge is complete, the motor is again reversed. The weights again reset themselves. The dam is raised and the mill is ready for the next parts load.

SWECO offers both powder and liquid compound agents for use in our vibratory finishing mills. The agents (mixed with water) are continuously fed into your mills manually or via an injection system to assure proper lubrication of the parts and media. Usage of the solutions vary depending on the process (deburring, burnishing, etc...), but typical usage is about one ounce per cubic foot per hour.

Compound Injection Systems
Now available from the innovators of round bowl vibratory finishing comes the SWECO Compound Injector System. At the heart of this system is a Dosatron® water-driven injector pump. This versatile pump offers very accurate chemical dosing over a wide range of flows. Other components of the system include a flow control/meter and an inlet water filter. These components are mounted to a polyethylene board with stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance and easy cleanup. All fittings and hoses are included to connect the unit to your new or existing mass finishing equipment.

Waste Settling Tanks
Waste Settling Tank from SWECOAnother cost-effective accessory to your Vibro-Energy Finishing Mill is the SWECO Vibratory Waste Settling Tank. This plastic settling tank provides an effective method of effluent pretreatment. It greatly reduces suspended solids and eliminates foam from vibratory finishing effluent. Integrated filter bags are easily removed and disposable. This reduces the amount of maintenance associated with traditional weir-only settling systems. The unit is corrosion resistant and made of 100% polyethylene. It has no moving parts and, if properly maintained, offers many years of reliable operation. The system is designed for vibratory waste streams of up to 40 gph.
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