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Filtrax Sample Filtration System


Filtrax sample filtration system works reliably, even with a high sludge volume index or floating sludge. The unit has low operating costs and there's no need for an expensive, high maintenance submersible pump. Continuous air cleaning minimizes cleaning required. High permeate quality.

Established Technology In Situ and Down the Line

The Hach Filtrax Sample Filtration System is specifically designed for efficient wastewater analysis. Samples are extracted directly from the activated sludge aeration basin or final settling tank and solids are removed in situ. Separate, high-maintenance submersible pumps become unnecessary. Sample delivery lines and analyzers stay clean. Sample extraction automatically alternates between two continuously cleaned filter elements to allow optimum cleaning of the idle filter. Sample pre-treatment and delivery is continuous and efficient even with a high sludge volume index or floating sludge.

Simple to Use and Maintain

A built-in air purge system in the Filtrax system prevents adhesion of solids to the filter membranes and greatly reduces maintenance cost and time. All tubing is completely accessible and easy to replace. Moving parts never come into contact with the sample. Self-diagnostics provide operators with three levels of error messages if components require attention. Operators control all Filtrax system functions with menu-driven software. The instrument display provides continuous readout of current flow rate through each filter module as well as heater status. Two programmable alarm relays are provided: one relay can be used to alert operators to inspect the Filtrax system when flow decreases and a second programmable relay can shut down the unit if flow decreases further.

Operating Principle

All control components are heated and contained in an IP55-rated enclosure, suitable for outdoor installation. The Filtrax system is made of three components. The control unit is internally heated for outdoor installation. Inside are sample pumps, an air compressor for filter membrane cleaning, and the electronic controller. Filters are constantly cleaned by a vigorous stream of air bubbles against the sides of the module. Two small peristaltic pumps alternately draw wastewater samples through the two filter membranes for optimum cleaning of the idle filter. The filtration module holder is made of stainless steel and is designed for submerged installation. It contains two filter modules each equipped with an ultra-filtration (0.15 µm) filter membrane. Samples are pulled to the control unit from the filtration module holder with a 15-ft. (5-m) heated suction hose. This hose also contains the air compressor tubing. Samples are then delivered directly to the online measuring instrument.

Hach's Family of Nutrient Analyzers

The Hach Filtrax Sample Filtration System is designed to optimize performance of Hach's Amtax sc Ammonia Analyzer or Phosphax sc Phosphate Analyzer. It also complements Hach's NITRATAX plus sc or NITRATAX clear sc Nitrate Analyzer by supplying solids-free sample to its flow through panel. Rely on the Filtrax system to provide properly conditioned sample to Hach's APA 6000 Alkalinity, Ammonia, Monochloramine, and Phosphate Analyzers too.

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