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DXL High Shear Homogeneous Emulsifiers


DXL High shear homogeneous emulsifiers are vertical emulsion machines.

The stators and the rotators use claw shaped coupling, the materials are taken in simultaneously from the top and the bottom and are thrown in all directions by the centrifugal forces.

The efficiency is higher than the conventional schemes and they do not create blind angles in the kettle.

- Emulsifying, homogenizing and dispersing for industry production.
- Suitable for small quantity emulsion.
- High performance tubular emulsifier for continous production or recycled processing of super fine materials.
- Its working chamber comprise 3 stages, 12 layers of stator and rotor.

Refined Chemicals:
Dyestuffs, pigments, all kinds of pulp, chemical additives, adhesives, silicone oil, leather oil, a variety of colloidal material, etc.

Petro chemistry:
Lubricant, heavy oil emulsion, diesel oil emulsion, modified asphalt, catalyzer, wax emulsion, etc.

Biology & pharmaceuticals:
Injection, antibiotic, medical emulsion, medical paste, health product, mini -capsule emulsion, cell breakers, etc.

Painting & ink:              
Printing ink, paint, emulsion paint, building coating, nanometer coating, photocureable coating, coating auxiliaries, carbon black disperse, print ink, glaze, bentonite, etc.

Farm chemicals:
Pesticide, herbicide, medicine butter, fertilizer, pesticide adjuvant, etc.

Nanometer materials:
Disperse and disaggregation for nanometer medium, etc.

Foodstuff industry:
Juice, jam, ice0cream, milk product, food addictive, tea drink, chocolate, bean milk, essence, milk, etc.

Paper making:
Pulp, filling, dry strength agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, filter agent, antifoaming agent, spreading, water treatment chemicals, etc.

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