Mixers & Agitators for Fluid Mixing


BioCIP Mag Drive- SanStar Sanitary Mixer


The BioCIP Top-Entry MagMixers were specifically designed and developed for seal-less mixers.

  • Elimination of mechanical seals and associated maintenance
  • SIP/CIP in situ cleanable with standard industry-accepted protocols
  • Hermetically sealed
  • 100% dry running
  • No steam condensate barrier required
  • Variety of materials of construction for wetted components
  • 10 liters to 25,000 capability
  • 300 series stainless steel standard
  • Variable speed
  • Washdown inverter duty motor
  • Available with LIGHTNIN's QAD validation support package
  • Backed by LIGHTNIN's 100% process guarantee


SanStar Line of Sanitary Mixers Brochure data/ckfinder/files/B-797%20SANSTAR_2_2_09_0.pdf

Bio-CIP MagMixer (B-917) Brochure data/ckfinder/files/Bio-CIP%20bro%2C8-05.pdf

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