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Digital Reactors

DRB200: Digital Reactor Block: 9x16mm Vial Wells, 2x20mm Vial Wells (Single Block), 230 Vac

(9 vials x 16mm + 2 vials x 20mm (single block), 230 Vac)

Product #: LTV082.52.30001


  • Easy-to-use and fast

The HACH DRB 200 Dry Thermostat Reactor provides unique one-key operation. Programs for HACH procedures with digestion are preprogrammed into the instrument. And it’s fast—the block heats from 20 to 150°C in less than 10 minutes.

  • Safe to operate

The fully insulated heater block of the DRB 200 reactor means there can be no skin contact with the heater block. Temperature safeguards are provided to prevent overheating. The lids are transparent and lock do deter premature checking of the progress of the reaction. And the reactor will emit an audible signal and automatically shutdown at the end of the run.

  • Versatile

Use the DRB 200 reactor for digestions for metals analysis, digestions for nutrients analysis, or culture biological samples. Control temperatures in the reactor from 37 to 165°C in 1°C increments. In addition to preprogrammed digestion methods, use the reactor to program and store up to three custom methods.

  • Accommodates Most Test Vials

The DRB 200 reactor can heat solutions in round vials of two different sizes. Small, 16-mm diameter vial wells are suitable for HACH COD, UniCell™, TOC, and Test ’N Tube vials. Larger, 20-mm diameter vial wells are intended for sample preparation reaction vessels using the Metals Prep Set.

  • Select the Dual Block Model for Simultaneous Digestions

Two heat blocks in the DRB200 Dual Block Models reactor give the operator independent control of two temperatures and durations. Use this option to run two programs at the same time. A Single Block DRB Reactor cannot be upgraded to a Dual Block Model at a later time.


 31.0 cm (12.2 in.)

Heating Rate:

 20 to 150 ºC in 10 minutes

Operating Temperature Range:

 10 to 45 °C

Temperature Range:

 37 to 165 ºC (99 to 329ºF)

Temperature Stability:

 ± 2 ºC