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Inductive Conductivity Sensors


Wide Measuring Range
Hach’s Inductive Conductivity Sensors measure 200 up to 2,000,000 microSiemens/cm. A built-in Pt 1000 RTD compensates the measured conductivity for changes in process temperature.

Low-maintenance Design
The inductive sensor design eliminates polarization and electrode coating problems that commonly affect conventional contacting electrode-type conductivity sensors.

Complete Digital System
All 3700 sc sensors come complete with a Digital Gateway for use with a Hach sc Digital Controller.

Principal of Operation
Inductive conductivity sensors induce a low current in a closed loop of solution, then measure the magnitude of this current to determine the solution’s conductivity. The conductivity analyzer drives Torroid A, inducing an alternating current in the solution. This current signal flows in a closed loop through the sensor bore and surrounding solution. Torroid B senses the magnitude of the induced current which is proportional to the conductance of the solution. The analyzer processes this signal and displays the corresponding reading.

Versatile Mounting Styles
Sensors can be installed using a choice of four mounting styles—immersion, insertion, union, and sanitary. Please turn to page 6 for more information.

Full-Featured “Plug and Play”
Hach sc Digital Controllers

There are no complicated wiring or set up procedures with any Hach sc controller. Just plug in any combination of Hach digital sensors and it’s ready to use— it’s “plug and play.”

One or multiple sensors—The sc controller family allows you to receive data from up to eight Hach digital sensors in any combination using a single controller.

Communications—Multiple alarm/control schemes are available using the relays and PID control outputs. Available communications include analog 4-20 mA, digital MODBUS® (RS485 and RS232) or Profibus DP protocols. (Other digital protocols are available. Contact your Hach representative for details.)

Data logger—A built-in data logger collects measurement data, calibration, verification points, and alarm history.

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