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CLF10 sc Free Chlorine Analyzer with sc200 Controller and pHD Differential Sensor

Product #: 2982100


The CLF10sc Free Chlorine Analyzer measures free chlorine continuously for real time process control. It is based on amperometric technology and comes with the sc200 digital controller. The CLF10sc can be used in most municipal and industrial applications, and is best utilized where waste stream management is a constraint. This analyzer is equipped with a pH sensor for use with Hach's unique Cal Watch advanced diagnostic feature.

Compatible with Hach's Plug and Play Digital Controllers

The CLF10 sc and CLT10 sc Chlorine Analyzers are designed to be used with all Hach sc digital controllers. Set up is fast and easy, and the system is compatible with the full line of Hach digital sensors.

No Reagent Replacement, No Waste Stream

Chlorine measurement with the CLF10sc and CLT10sc amperometric technology eliminates the need for routine reagent replacement and waste stream management.

EPA Compliance

The CLF10 sc and CLT10 sc analyzers can be used for reporting chlorine residual measurements in accordance with EPA Method 334.0. Additionally, Hach has created a suite of laboratory products and methods to help with startup and quality control procedures required for Method 334.0.

Advanced Diagnostics

CLF10sc and CLT10sc advanced diagnostics alert you when the process has changed or the instrument needs servicing. Diagnostic features include the Cal Watch algorithm for warning of pH and chlorine calibration deviation and a non-contacting sample flow sensor for notification of insufficient sample flow.

Real-time Process Monitoring and Control

The CLF10sc and CLT10sc Chlorine Analyzers allow for real-time monitoring and control of disinfection processes.

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