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9187 sc Chlorine Dioxide Amperometric Sensor

Product #: LXV434.99.00001


The 9187sc Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Sensor is an online, single-channel industrial sensor that measures ClO2 in drinking water treatment plants, distribution networks, and other applications that require monitoring ClO2 at the ppb and ppm levels. This instrument uses an amperometric method to measure ClO2 concentration. A membrane allows the selective diffusion of ClO2 molecules to the amperometric sensor. The measurement is compensated for temperature.

Selective Membrane Avoids Interference from other species

The Hach 9187sc Amperometric Chlorine Dioxide sensor uses a membrane that is selective for chlorine dioxide species. There are no interferences from bromine, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. The only potential interference is from ozone, which is rarely present in water treated with chlorine dioxide.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

The all-inclusive 9187sc ClO2 system comes preassembled on a panel. The membrane system of the sensor means there are no chemicals used for measurement. Maintenance is minimal and two years of typical maintenance items are included with the system.

Compatible with Hach's Plug and Play Digital Controllers

The 9187sc ClO2 sensor is designed to be used with all Hach sc digital controllers. Set up is fast and easy, and the system is compatible with the full line of Hach digital sensors.

Minimal maintenance thanks to automatic cleaning

Compatible with multi-sensor, multi-parameter digital controllers

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