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9184 sc Hypochlorous Acid Chlorine Amperometric Sensor



The low minimum detection limit and wide measurement range of the Hach 9184 sc Amperometric Free Chlorine Sensor makes it ideal for efficient residual chlorine monitoring. Continuously measures hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Low Minimum Detection Limit for Efficient Residual Chlorine Monitoring

The Hach 9184 sc sensor has a minimum detection limit of 5 ppb or 0.005 mg/L hypochlorous acid in the form of HOCl.

Wide Measurement Range

The 9184 sc sensor is particularly useful for drinking water distribution monitoring, chlorination applications, demineralizer systems, wastewater, or cooling water processes due to its 0 to 20 ppm measurement range.

Continuous Chlorine Measurement

Measurements are made continuously by the sensor and reported to the controller

Compatible with Hach's Plug and Play Digital Controllers

The 9184sc Analyzer is designed to be used with all Hach sc digital controllers. Set up is fast and easy, and the system is compatible with the full line of Hach digital sensors.

Integral temperature sensor provides more accurate readings

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