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Channel Mixers

Channel Mixers


Statiflo's Channel Mixers are revolutionising the design and operation of water and waste water treatment plants.

Statiflo Inlet Blender Channel Mixer 7m x 5m

7m wide x 5m deep Inlet Blender Channel Mixer


Statiflo Series 900 Channel Mixers rapidly achieve a high degree of mix with extremely low headloss in very short lengths.

Complete mixing in the channel is possible, achieving a low CoV, over a wide range of flowrates. With headlosses of just a few millimetres feasible, gravity flow is an option, eliminating the expense of pumping, saving not just capital costs, but ongoing maintenance and energy costs too.

Statiflo Channel Mixers can be installed in new treatment works or easily retrofitted into existing installations, even when flooded and live. The modular design concept, based on the STMC mixing elements, allows wide variations in aspect ratio (height/width) suitable for square or nearly square channel sections, narrow deep channels and wide shallow channels. Independent trials have established that the STMC concept is the most efficient of all known commercially available static mixers.

Statiflo pH control Channel Mixer 1.5 x 5m

1.5m wide x 5m deep pH control Channel Mixer


Open channels can develop unusual velocity profiles not found in conventional piping systems. Statiflo has invested considerably in developing a procedure to ensure that the correct amount of additive is injected proportional to the local mainstream flowrate.

Applications include:

  • Raw water blending
  • pH control (Lime/ Acid Dosing)
  • Rapid coagulant addition
  • Polyelectrolyte dosing (PAC/ Alum/ ACH Dosing)
  • Residence time control


The high efficiencies and benefits of the channel static mixer apply to any scale, the largest installed to date is 7m wide x 5m deep, handling 7 tonnes/sec of water.

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