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Wiped pH and pH/ORP Sensors


Wiped pH and pH/ORP Sensors
Self-Cleaning Sensors Extend Deployment

Longer lasting pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) measurement in wiped sensors designed for minimal maintenance.
Save valuable time and money by extending the deployment period of your YSI 6600 V2-4 sonde with the new pH or pH/ORP sensors. The sensors have a hemispherical design that is more durable than bulb pH sensors, with a surface that is easy to keep clean from biofouling with an integrated brush.

YSI pH sensors have been carefully designed to perform under all ionic strength conditions, from seawater with a conductivity of 53,000 uS/cm,to "average" freshwater lakes and rivers with conductivities of 200 to 1500 uS/cm, to pure mountain streams with conductivities as low as 15 uS/cm, which has historically been the most difficult medium with respect to accuracy, quick response to pH changes, and minimal flow dependence.

These sensors are available for use on the following sondes:
6600 V2-4

Wiper Kits Available
Integrating the wiped pH or pH/ORP sensor with your 6600 V2-4 is quick and simple with a wiper kit. The kit includes two wiper assemblies, hex wrench, and instructions.

6579 pH Sensor Specifications
Range: 0 to 14 units
Resolution: 0.01 unit
Accuracy: ±0.2 unit

6569 pH/ORP Sensor Specifications
pH Range: 0 to 14 units
Resolution: 0.01 unit
Accuracy: ±0.2 unit
ORP Range: -999 to 999 mV
Resolution: 0.1 mV
Accuracy: ±20 mV

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