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Temperature and Conductivity Sensor


Temperature and Conductivity Sensor
Precision Temperature and Conductivity in a Single Sensor

Included with virtually every 6-Series sonde, the 6560 provides reliable temperature and conductivity readings.

YSI utilizes a high-precision thermistor: 2252 ohms at 25ºC (±1%) for temperature measurement. Resistance changes with temperature and the 6-Series sondes convert resistance into ºC, ºF, or K automatically. Best of all, the temperature sensor is calibration- and maintenance-free.

Four pure-nickel electrodes allow the YSI 6560 to accurately determine the conductivity of a sample. Along with conductivitiy, the YSI 6-series sonde can calculate specific conductance, salinity, resistivity and total dissolved solids.

This sensor is available for use on the following sondes:

  • 600LS**, 600R, 600QS & 600OMS
    (integrated version, non-field replaceable, not shown)
  • 600XL & 600XLM
  • 600DW & 6920DW
  • 6820 V2 & 6920 V2
  • 6600V2 & 6600EDS V2

Temperature Specifications
Range: -5 to 60ºC
Resolution: 0.01ºC
Accuracy: ±0.15ºC

Conductivity Specifications
Range: 0 to 100 mS/cm
Resolution: 0.001 to 0.1 mS/cm (range dependent)
Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading plus 0.001 mS/cm

You can rely on the accuracy and reliability of YSI's sensor technology - the performance of the 6560 sensor has been ETV Verified.*

**Conductivity is optional on the 600LS.

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