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Rhodamine Sensor


Rhodamine Sensor
Perfect for Water and Pollutant Tracing Studies

The 6130 Rhodamine Sensor is a rugged, self-cleaning sensor providing accurate, in situ measurement of Rhodamine WT dye. Designed to reject turbidity and chlorophyll interference, the 6130 Rhodamine sensor's accuracy is further enhanced by correcting for temperature effects.

This sensor will seamlessly integrate with YSI sondes that have an optical port, including:

  • 600OMS V2
  • 6820 V2 & 6920 V2
  • 6600 V2 & 6600EDS V2

Rhodamine Specifications
Range: 0 to 200 µg/L as true dye, 0-1000 µg/L as dye tracer
Detection Limit: 0.5 µg/L
Accuracy: ±1% µg/L or ±5% of reading
Depth: 61 m, 200 ft

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