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EMS_6- Series V2 Multiparameter Sondes for Long-term Monitoring

6-Series Anti-Fouling Kits


6-Series Anti-Fouling Kits
New Materials Prevent Biofouling and Extend Long-term Deployments

Save valuable time and reduce operating costs by extending the deployment period of your YSI water quality sondes (6600, 6820, 6920 styles) with new anti-fouling kits. Kits include sonde guards, probe wipers, and hardware fabricated from copper alloys -- as well as copper tape for the probe bodies and longer and thicker wiper pads.

All of these individual components add up to a system that can offer major savings for your water quality monitoring program by extending deployment intervals by 3 times or more — thus significantly reducing trips to the field and the time spent on system maintenance. Your water quality sensors stay cleaner, providing you with more accurate data collection over a longer period of time.

Kits include:

- copper-alloy sonde guard (616145 or 616176)
- wiper assemblies with longer wiper and pad (616625, 616630, or 616445)
- copper-alloy port plugs (616151, 616161, or 616171)
- roll of copper tape (616189)

The antifouling kits can replace ablative paints and yield better results.

Download 10 Tips to Prevent Biofouling on Water Quality Instruments brochure

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