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6950 Fixed Vertical Profiler


The 6950 Fixed Profiling System provides reliable, fully-automated data collection.

Mountable on a dam, pier, piling, or other stationary location, the 6950 offers user-programmable sample intervals with wireless transmission options. This Fixed Profiler is compatible with all YSI EXO or 6-Series sondes equipped with depth, and comes with Profile Wizard software for easy set-up and deployment.

The fixed vertical profiling system, when equipped with a fully loaded EXO or 6 Series sonde, can be programmed to move up and down the water column at regular intervals collecting valuable data on the waters condition with respect to various parameters. That information can then be relayed via telemetry or a direct connection such as Ethernet so that water treatment managers can view the data in real time. With this information, managers can adjust water treatment operations.

Some of the notable features are:

  • NEMA4 enclosure for electronics
  • Compatible with all EXO and 6-Series sondes equipped with depth
  • User-selected sample intervals
  • Profile Wizard Software for simple program configuration
  • Wireless or direct connection data transmission available

Applications Include:

  • Drinking Water Reservoirs to ascertain water quality, salinity, turbidity, temperature, chlorophyll, DO, pH and PAR (photosynthetically-active radiation)
  • Homeland Security applications
  • Research of upwelling events
  • Hydropower thermal phenomena and temperature
  • General Monitoring of lakes, rivers, estuaries, and bays
  • Industrial drinking water holding tanks

If you're interested in additional profiling systems we also offer pontoon profilers and buoyed profilers

Available Options:

  •  SCADA Interface - Allows for data collection from a YSI Vertical Profiler via direct connection or telemetry to a customers PLC
  • CASTAWAY Profile - The Castaway option for Vertical Profilers allows for continuous payout of cable, sampling the entire time

Cable Options:      

50 m or 100 m

Depth Profile Setpoint Accuracy:                

±0.1 m

Equipment used with:

EXO Sondes, 6-Series Sondes



Minimum Profile Depth:

1 meter

Profile Depth:

0-50 m standard; 0-100 m optional

Profile Direction:


Reference Point:

Physically set and controlled bottom-referenced control point


1-year on main profiler unit


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