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ISS_Monitoring Buoy & Platforms

EMM350 Pisces


The EMM350 Pisces is a lightweight pontoon platform which supports water quality, water velocity, and meteorological sensors, as well as computer logging systems.

Housing it's payload are two topside aluminum chests that contain the data acquisition system, cellular modem, and battery. The chests are easily serviceable from the water and accommodate multiple underwater cable connections.

This platform is ideal for coastal, estuary, river, and lake monitoring. It can be deployed by two persons with a truck and a small boat.

For data acquisition, there are several instrument array data acquisition options available - we are confident that we can meet your needs. The EMM350 offers user-programmable sample intervals, redundant error recovery logic that detects unexpected activity and recovers automatically, and is compatible with all YSI EXO and 6-Series Sondes equipped with depth.

Features Include:

  • Towable by most small vessels
  • Ideal for high currents up to 12 knots
  • Loading and deployment by two persons
  • Standard configurations available with short lead time
  • High profile for visibility in navigable waterways
  • Abundant power reserve and solar accumulation
  • Datalogger, cellular modem, meteorological sensors, and ADP configurations
  • Sonde standpipe is retractable for transportation and towing
  • Also available in flow-through cell configuration with option for multiple-depth sampling

Applications Include:

  • High velocity applications
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Baseline studies
  • Dye-tracing studies
  • Emergency response
  • Fisheries
  • Industrial sites
  • Non-point source/TMDL
  • Point source/discharge
  • Stormwater & CSO
  • Source Water
  • University/research

Available Options:

  • Met Package affording additional parameters to complement your monitoring program
  • Wireless Data Transmission - several options are available. Tell us what you need and we will find which suits your application best
  • Satellite Communications - Either Iridium or GOES telemetry can be fitted on this system

Deployment Tube:  

Retractable, 4 in. schedule 40 PVC pipe with schedule 80 flange

Equipment used with:  

EXO Sondes, 6-Series Sondes, Storm3




Frame - 6061 marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum, Hardware - 316 stainless steel, Hull - Polyethylene, with optional closed-cell, foam-filled pontoons, Tripod - 6061 marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum

Mooring Attachment:

One or two-point attachment points


Height - 70 in.  Width - 48 in.  Length - 75 in.


1-year on main buoy unit


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