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ISS_Monitoring Buoy & Platforms

EMM700 Bay Buoy


The EMM700 is a robust monitoring platform which supports water quality, water velocity, meteorological sensors, and computer logging systems on a single platform. The buoy has a central electronics housing, creating a low center of mass for the most stable platform. All internal electronics may be removed by disconnecting a single internal connector, an innovative solution pioneered by YSI. 

With more free-board and greater load capacity, this buoy supports a wide array of water quality instrumentation and other systems. Heavy-duty, lightweight foam hull withstands collisions and harsh conditions in lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, and near coastal applications. The YSI Bay Buoy is easy to handle and can be deployed from most small vessels.

Features Include:

  • YSI manufactures buoy, instruments, and loggers for complete, integrated solutions
  • Customizable with third-party sensors
  • Indestructible buoy hull survives impact, ice, punctures, and vandalism
  • Through-hull penetration for monitoring equipment makes routine servicing simple, fast, and secure
  • Single or multiple point mooring options

Options & Accessories:

  • Meteorological Package - Additional parameters to complement your monitoring program
  • Wireless Data Transmission - Several options to wirelessly transmit data are available.  Ask us which suits your application best
  • Satellite Communications - Either Iridium or GOES telemetry can be fitted on this system
  • Current Profiling - Can be combined with a Current Profiler, either bottom mounted or downward looking

Base System Weight:   

500 lbs


48 in.


Hull - 4 PCF Softlite® ionomer foam body, Metal - 304 Stainless Steel, galvanized counterweight

Reserve Buoyancy:

400 lbs


Hull - 4 ft. diameter

Well - 14 in. diameter for electronics

Height 8.5 ft


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