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ISS_Monitoring Buoy & Platforms

EMM25 Buoy


Cost effective way to deploy a water quality sonde for short or long-term monitoring.

The integral deployment tube will accept any YSI EXO or 6-Series sonde or even a 3rd party device.

It's lightweight design allows for the system to be deployed by a single person from a small boat or from shore.

If you need to deploy in navigable waters, it comes with a self-contained flashing amber beacon.

Features Include:

  • Low cost option for short and long term monitoring
  • Single person deployment
  • Designed for rapid deployment
  • Works with YSI EXO, 6-Series Sondes, and 3rd party devices
  • Lockable well cap for secure deployments
  • Central deployment tube for monitoring equipment makes routine service simple, fast, and secure
  • Standard configurations available with short lead times
  • Ionomer foam hull survives impact, puntures, and vandalism

Available Option:

  • Beacon - self-contained flashing beacon for deployments in navigable waters

Deployment Tube:     

Integral for any YSI Exo or 6-Series Sonde or 3rd party device

Equipment used with:

EXO Sonde, 6-Series Sondes, third party devices




4PFC Softlite® Ionomer foam body

Min. Water Depth:

1.5 meters

Mooring Attachment:

Single-Point Galvanized 1/2-inch chain


Dimensions (OD x L) - 10 in x 27 in


25 lbs


1-year on main buoy unit


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