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ISS_Hydrological Monitoring

CR200X- Campbell Data Logger


The CR200X, our smallest lowest-cost datalogger, provides stand-alone operation in harsh, remote environments. It reads input from one or two sensors, then transmits the data using communication peripherals. CRBasic, its full programming language, supports simple or complex programming. Multiple CR200Xs can be configured as a network, or units can be deployed individually.

Maximum Scan Rate:   

1 Hz

Analog Channels:

The single-ended analog inputs can also be used as control ports.

5 single-ended (no differential) individually configured

Pulse Count Channels:


Switched Excitation Channels:  

2 voltage

Digital Ports:

Certain digital ports can be used to count switch closures.

2 I/O

Communication Ports:

1 RS-232

Switched Battery Port:


Input Voltage Range:

0 to 2500 mV

Analog Voltage Accuracy:

±(0.25% of reading + (1.2 mV)x(offset)) at -40° to +50°C

Analog Voltage Resolution:

0.6 mV

A/D Bits:


Operating Temperature:

-40° to +50°C

Power Requirements:

7 to 16 Vdc

Typical Current Drain:

~0.2 mA (quiescent)

~3 mA (active)

Clock Accuracy:

8.2 min./month (@ -40° to +50°C)

1 min./month (@ +25°C)

Protocols Supported:

PakBus (leaf node only), SDI-12

CE Compliance Standards to which Conformity Is Declared:



3 years


14.0 x 7.6 x 4.8 cm (5.5 x 3.0 x 1.9 in.)


242 g (8.5 oz)

Final Storage:

512 kB of flash memory for approximately 125,000 data points

Operating System:

106 kB of flash memory

Intermediate Storage:

8 kB of SRAM for communication buffers, calculations, variables, etc.


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