• Simplified Laboratory and Portable Instruments for Water & Wastewater Testing and Monitoring
  • Samplers and Flow Meters

Complete Water Quality Laboratory

CEL Environmental Water Quality Laboratory


On-site Results in an Easy-to-Use, Rugged, Portable Lab

The portable lab contains durable instruments, premeasured reagents impervious to environmental contamination, apparatus and labware.

Durable Hard-sided Cases

The field kit is rugged and designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Versatile for Lab or Field Use

Battery-operated colorimeter means tests can be run immediately without concern for sample preparation and handling.

Real-time Decisions

In the field, rapid testing and decision making are essential. With this kit, there is no waiting for hours or days for a lab result.

Reliable Results

Whether used in your mobile lab or at the field site, this kit yields consistent results time after time.



Reagent Set

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