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TitraLab® KF1000 Series Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator



Simplify complex volumetric Karl Fischer titration with the TitraLab KF1000 from Hach. Along with the application package AP0014.KF1121 the KF1000 allows to easily and quickly perform moisture content determinations straight from the box.

The automatic system gives you more reliable results without complicated analysis. To make setup and titration simple, the KF1000 utilizes the application specific kit to make it quick and easy for anyone to set up and operate a test.

Application Pack contains glass syringe, plastic beakers, magnetic stirring bar, pre-programmed application on USB stick, electrode, conical adapter, bottle stopper.

     Method   Range   
 Moisture Determination   KF1000 Titration Automatic Titrator Method  1 - 100 mg H₂O (Moisture content)


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