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Craft Brewing Test Kit

Product #: 2559835


This test kit was developed specifically to meet the needs of the craft brewer. The kit tests water quality parameters critical to supporting fermentation and monitoring source water contaminants that affect beer flavor stability.

The convenient kit contains everything you need to test:

Free and Total Chlorine by color disc
Calcium and Hardness - by digital titrator
Alkalinity - by digital titrator
pH & Temperature - by Pocket Pro digital pH tester & thermometer
Sulfate - by turbidimetric method
Chloride - by test strip

The kit is based in part on the science behind John Palmers book, Water: A Comprehensive guide for Brewers. The book is included in the kit.

Combines multiple proven Hach methods

The craft brewing kit uses a mix of Hach methods to give you exactly what you need for accurate results in each parameter - no more, no less.


**Hazardous Item

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