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Suspended Solid Monitoring Meter

TSS Portable Handheld Turbidity, Suspended Solids & Sludge Level System

Product #: LXV322.99.00002


Complete TSS Portable Hand-held Turbidity, Suspended Solids, and Sludge Level System; includes meter, probe, rechargeable batteries, charger for rechargeable batteries with four plug adapters, manual, quick start guide and carrying case.

Three Parameters in One Instrument

The Hach TSS Portable Hand-held Turbidity, Suspended Solids, and Sludge Blanket Level Instrument's unique multi-beam alternating light method with infrared diode system gives it a broad measuring range for both turbidity and suspended solids in one portable handheld instrument.

Multiple Calibration Curves for Convenience

It stores up to four different calibration curves for suspended solids and one for turbidity. There's no need for constant re-calibration for different locations or types of sludge.

Easy Sludge Blanket Levels

The sludge blanket level can be measured by setting the units to mg/L, g/L or percent. Calibrate the instrument and then slowly lower the sensor into the clarifier. The suspended solids concentration will significantly increase as it reaches the sludge blanket level. Once the blanket level is reached, examine the sensor cable which is marked every meter to determine the sludge blanket level depth from the water surface.

Air Bubble Compensation for Accuracy

The instrument software automatically compensates for air bubbles to prevent its influence on the measurement. Turbidity is pre-calibrated with a calibration curve stored in the instrument. For suspended solids, each of the calibration curves can be closely adjusted to the laboratory results because each calibration curve can use up to three points per curve plus a zero value.

Durable Materials for Long Life

The probe is made of polished stainless steel with a scratch-resistant sapphire window to withstand harsh environments. Polished stainless steel helps keep particles from sticking to the surface of the probe. The internal memory stores up to 290 measuring values, including time, date, measurement, location, and homogeneity. Three operating modes are available: single, interval, or continuous.

Measuring Range TSS-Content:      

0.001 to 400 g/L upper range depending on sample characteristics

Measuring Range Turbidity:

0.001 to 9999 FNU

Operating Temperature Range:

0 to 60 °C

Precision Suspended Solids:

less than 4 % or ± 0.001 g/L, whichever is greater

Precision Turbidity:

less than 3 % or ± 0.02 NTU whichever is greater


Up to 290 measuring points

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